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Up to 10 FREE Proception2
DISC Reports*

A $1500 Value!

Is COVID-19 affecting your team’s morale and your approach to personnel development and training? Now’s the time for positive and productive remote training that can help keep your teams engaged and motivated.

We are offering your organization the opportunity to administer up to 10 FREE Proception2 DISC reports during the next 60 days. A huge value in more ways than one!

*Offer tiered by company size or qualifying service purchase. Value of 10 Proception2 DISC Reports, available for organizations of 200+ employees, is $1500.

10 Key Areas Proception2 DISC individual development and training reports can be used for:

  • Leadership and management development
  • Coaching and counseling
  • Building top-performing teams
  • Improving interpersonal relationships
  • Effective communication
  • Conflict management
  • Sales training
  • Customer service training
  • Change management
  • Negotiation training

FREE Sales Agility Assessment

Our Sales Agility Assessment is a great starting point for improving your current sales performance. It provides an instant snapshot of how your sales team is doing, along with a custom report complete with tips on how to address key sales infrastructure issues such as:

  • Stagnant or declining sales
  • A revolving door of salespeople
  • Lack of salesperson expectations and accountability
  • Uncertain future revenue
  • Compensation plans that don’t incent the right behavior
  • Lack of a repeatable sales process
  • Difficulty gaining new business and diversifying

Ready to Accelerate Sales Growth & Revenue?

Receive recommendations in the 4 key areas of sales, including:

  • Sales Strategy
  • Performance Management
  • Sales Methodology
  • Organization and Talent

FREE 30-Minute Executive Coaching Session

In today’s challenging business environment, more and more middle management employees and C?-Suite individuals could benefit from the guidance and support of a Certified Professional Coach. We can make a difference in your high potential employees’ well-being and results. Talk with us today about a FREE 30-minute consult from our Certified Professional Coach, Bud Matthews.

An experienced Professional Coach can help the members of your leadership team:

  • Sharpen their focus to set new goals and career objectives
  • Create an actionable plan to build on current successes
  • Take their career development to the next level
  • Improve communication skills
  • Build motivational and management effectiveness