The path to discovery & growth.

Our co-active coaching services are the ideal solution if you could use:

Guidance for What’s Next

You’ve accomplished a lot in life so far, but may need help identifying new goals and the steps it will take to rise to the next level, both professionally and personally.

Help Navigating Change

You’re taking on a new job or position, need greater life balance, or just feel there’s no time for you. You’d like to manage change better, but aren’t sure where to begin.

We can offer sound, unbiased guidance through difficult situations like these, and help you determine what matters most in an honest, confidential, meaningful, and impartial way. Our proven process of focus, clarity and alignment is an engaging and eye-opening path to discovery and growth.

An Actionable Plan to Build on Your Success.

Coaching is the not-so-secret key to reaching your full potential. In fact, studies show that professional coaching services are especially effective at:

  • Facilitating goal attainment

  • Improving work performance

  • Helping build better relationships

  • Improving communication skills

A Unique Combination of Coaching & Business Experience.

Ascend Performance’s head coach, Bud Matthews, has earned the Certified Professional Coaching designation from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This 9-month program is endorsed and supported by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the world’s gold standard in coaching. Bud also brings nearly 40 years of business experience to the table, including senior leadership in multiple Fortune 500 companies. It all comes together to make Bud a coach you can trust to be the right fit for you. He has truly walked in your shoes.

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