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Ascend Performance offers three distinct areas of expertise, all designed to help your organization thrive by focusing on the growth and development of your workforce.


Our state-of-the-art assessments provide legal validation in hiring, training, and developing future leaders. In short, we help you hire the right person for the job. Then, we follow up with training and coaching to build on strengths and address gaps in performance.



Growing your sales is a process with many moving parts, from developing a sales plan to hiring the right people to tracking sales performance. As your local sales consultant, we’ll provide the expertise and resources it takes to drive your organization’s sales to the next level.



In today’s complex business environment, performance expectations have never been higher for business owners, executives and managers. Our certified professional coaching services provide the expert guidance it takes to help your leaders realize their full potential.


Meet Bud Matthews

Ascend Performance owner Bud Matthews brings nearly 40 years of sales, marketing, and management experience for multiple Fortune 500 companies to our customers. The seeds of Bud’s business acumen were planted at a young age watching his grandfather run a busy neighborhood store in a small Illinois town. “He was the hardest working man I ever knew,” says Bud. “He worked in his store from sunup until mid-afternoon and then on to his farm until dark.” Bud’s respect for his grandfather’s work ethic provided the inspiration that set Bud on his own path to success.

After graduating from college, Bud went to work in the food industry, taking on many types of sales, marketing and management positions over the years. He learned firsthand that having the right person in the right job was the biggest key to success. He also learned you should surround yourself with winners to create the proper culture needed for the business to thrive. This unique combination of Bud’s early family experiences and his long management career inspired him to establish Ascend Performance, powered by Sales Xceleration. This proven system of managing talent, sales consulting, and certified coaching is what will ASCEND your team’s PERFORMANCE.

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Bud is a visionary leader who teaches and guides those who not only worked directly for him but with all teammates throughout the organization. His ability to see potential and opportunity, and then craft strategies and objectives to succeed and exceed the goals, is not only inspiring but exciting as well.
Carol D.
Bud has earned great respect from his peers in the industry. He is always focused on delivering increased sales results each year for his clients. His sales teams consistently achieve or exceed sales objectives by working closely with his team.
Bill S.
Bud’s organizational skills and friendly demeanor make him an asset to any organization.
Michael P.

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